Be part of our EB programm

The TYPO3 CMS extension EXT:solr can only be continuously developed with the support of numerous sponsors. That is why we are always on the lookout for partners of the EB programme who specifically promote this further development with a financial development contribution and thereby secure exclusive advantages and additional functions (e.g. search in file contents, debugging, console) at the same time.

In addition to EXT:solr (TER version), the current development involvement includes the following TYPO3 extensions:

  • EXT:solrfal
  • EXT:solrdebugtools
  • EXT:solrconsole

Current possibilities

Our funding contribution program aligns with the release cycles of TYPO3 and its LTS and ELTS.

You might know that the lifetime of each TYPO3 LTS version is 36 months in total. We are separating this into two parts: beginning with a feature and followed by a maintenance phase of 18 months each. Furthermore, we are offering an ELTS plan with security and compatibility fixes for each ELTS period (12 Months).

Current products: