Advantages of Open Source

dkd strongly believes in Open Source. Not only because of the apparent advantage of being licence fee free. But also because Open Source is more than just cost savings. The idea of Open Source enables access to an enourmous global pool of knowledge accompanied by 

  • quality and security on the highest level,  
  • short development and update cycles, and
  • unbounded extensibility and ability of integration

Public Version of Solr for TYPO3

You can always find Apache Solr for TYPO3 in the official TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

Upgrade Instructions

If you have installed EXT:solr already, just update the extension by overwriting the existing extension directory with the zip file's content.

After updating the extension make sure to install the Access Filter Plugin for Solr, the plugin is now required to ensure proper frontend user access rights handling. Simply create a directory called "typo3" in your solr home directory and copy the Access Filter Plugin from EXT:solr/resources/solr/. For existing installation this should be /opt/solr-tomcat/solr/.

Existing installations need to re-index their sites as the index schema needed to be changed for the frontend user Access Filter Plugin and other improvements.

Finally, restart Tomcat, go to the reports module and make sure everything is ok under the solr section.

For new installations the install script in EXT:solr/resources/shell/ will do all the necessary steps for you.

Feature Comparison

Need to know what the differences are between the public version and early access?

Check out the comparison chart.