TYPO3 Solr
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Becoming a Sponsor

The current development of the Apache Solr for TYPO3 extension is funded by a group of private investors. For the continous development and improvement we are permanently looking for partners.

With your partnership you contribute to the development of "Apache Solr for TYPO3" and help us to support the latest TYPO3 and Apache Solr versions.

Beside the support of the continouse improvements you get access to exclusive components that help you with the integration of "Apache Solr" with TYPO3:

  • EXT:solrfal allows you to search in files, that are stored in the TYPO3 "File Abstraction Layer - FAL".
  • The intension of "solrconsole" is to provide a powerful tool around EXT:solr and EXT:solrfal that allows you to do common maintenance tasks from the command line.
  • EXT:solrdebugtools helps to understand and improve your search results

Please visit our online store for current information about our EB offers, you can also contact as directly to become a partner now.