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EXT:solrdebugtools - Changelog

TYPO3 12.4 LTS


This release contains:

  • [TASK] Fix Github Actions 2023.10.27 50c67f8 on @2023-10-27 (thanks to Rafael Kähm)
  • [TASK] Simplify and automate release via CI fdc0f32 on @2023-10-27 (thanks to Rafael Kähm)
  • [TASK] Make TYPO3 12 LTS compatible 80b810f on @2023-10-27 (thanks to Rafael Kähm)

TYPO3 11.5 LTS


This release contains:

* [TASK] Fix Github Actions 2023.10.27 (3967cd1) (thanks to Rafael Kähm)
* [TASK] Simplify and automate release via CI (3c2090f) (thanks to Rafael Kähm)


  • [TASK] Ensure compliance with TYPO3 coding standards Fixes 2 minor issues to be compliant to TYPO3 Coding Standards
  • [TASK] Adjust contact email address
    To ensure customers can reach out for our Solr support, the email address is adapted.
  • [TASK] Adjust EXT:solr dependency
    Adjusts the EXT:solr dependencies to match other Solr extensions and to allow upcoming EXT:solr 11.6.
  • [FIX] copy-paste typo from solrconsole to solrdebugtools


  • RELEASE] Release of 11.0.0-rc-1
  • [TASK] Introduce TYPO3 coding standards
    Introduces the TYPO3 coding standards and adjusts the PHP classes to meet the requirements. Additionally GitHub Action configuration is completed, so tests will be executed automatically.
  • [TASK] TYPO3 11 compatibility Adjusts the extension dependencies for TYPO3 11.5 LTS and EXT:solr 11.5.
  • [TASK] Initial GitHub actions configuration [CLEANUP] Remove unnecessary "before:" from Services.yaml
  • [CLEANUP] Remove unnecessary "before:" from Services.yaml

TYPO3 10.4 LTS


  • [TASK] Change configuration files to TYPO3 file extensions (.txt to .typoscript)
  • [FEATURE] Fetch true query URL sent to Apache Solr
  • [Feature] Make URL for QueryUrlViewHelper configurable
  • Option: plugin.tx_solr.debugtools.endpointRewrites added, see README.md for more informations.
  • [TASK] Add extension key to composer.json
  • [TASK] Removed static PHP files and linking from EXT:solrdebugtools/Resources/Private/Php and replaced it by composer.



  • [BUGFIX] QueryUrlViewHelper does not get the query properly.
  • [BUGFIX] fix BE Authentication for new TYPO3 Api
  • [TASK] add a hint about partialRootPaths in README


  • Fixed bug with parsing of Apache Solr 8.2 responses


  • Added TYPO3 9 LTS and EXT:solr 9 compatibility
  • Debug only visisble with valid backend session

Obsolete versions


  • Initial version