TYPO3 Solr
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Sponsors and Donations welcome!

The development of the extension Solr for TYPO3 will initially be financed privately. We are looking for partners that would like to join the development effort.

In return, the funding partners will receive access to the latest development status (trunk) of the extension as well as installation.

The financing is done in several steps and depends on the specific requirements of each funding partner.

Please contact Olivier Dobberkau, if you're in the need for an advanced search solution for your TYPO3 project.

Development areas and their Components

Query Results A nalysis A dminist r a t ion Indexing

The developed features, which already exist, are divided in the development areas:

The components of theses areas are given with some explanation and the current status of the implementation in per cent next to the implementation estimation. Just click on the development area you are interessted in.

Extension Comparison

Indexed Search
Public Version
Frontend Page Indexing
Frontend User Group Access Restriction
Enable Fields Support
File Indexing: FAL (8.X)    
File Indexing: FAL (9.X)    
File Indexing: FAL (10.X)    
File Indexing: FAL (11.X)    
TYPO3 optimized Solr Index Schema  
Indexing of additional data (TCA)  
Index Queue  
Delayed Queue Updates  
Index Maintenance  
UTF8 Support
Multi-Language Handling
Results Pagination
Field Boosting  
Acts like Indexed Search
Query Manipulation  
Faceted Search  
Hierarchical Facets  
Date Range Facets  
Numeric Range Facets  
Geo Search  
More like this  
Advanced Template Engine  
Search World Highlighting
Common Searches  
Recent Searches  
Result Grouping  
Paid Results / "Editorial Content"  
Query Logging
Debug Tools    
Index Report  
Index Clearing from TYPO3 backend  
Garbage Collection  
CLI Tasks    
Speaking URLs