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Goals of Apache Solr for TYPO3

Apache Solr for TYPO3 is pursuing the objective of integrating the Solr search server in TYPO3.

  • Fast search on large sites with thousands of pages
  • Evaluate search statistics and to display the server status
  • Extended search features of Apache Solr are provided
  • It is planned to provide ways to integrate search results from external systems. (like blogs, mediaindependent databases, and external websites can be searched an displayed by a central interface)

Disadvantages of Indexed Search

In standard installations TYPO3 comes with its own search, Indexed Search. As long as the size of a site stays within a certain range of a few hundred pages, the included search is sufficient in terms of speed.

Disadvantages of Indexed Search:

  • Speed-Problems on websites with more than 500 pages
  • Restriction to the current TYPO3 installation, external systems can not be searched.