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Result Grouping

Result Grouping allows to put documents with a common field value into groups. For each group the most relevant documents are returned.

An example is a search in an online store for a common term such as DVD, showing the top 3 results for each category ("TVs & Video", "Movies", "Computers", etc).

The most common use case is to group results by their type, like news, products, images, ... Each group's results are sorted by relevance.


Fluid Grouping for EXT:solr & TYPO3 CMS 8.7. is available with EXT:solrfluidgrouping. Since version 8.0.1 of EXT:solr you can use this add-on, to use grouping with Fluid in your search results.

We have released the extension on GitHub, feel free to use it and of course to contribute:


Result grouping was first provided by EXT:solrgrouping, using the old marker based template. As TYPO3 7.6 is deprecated the extension is no longer actively developed, but source code and documentation is freely available:

We thank our sponsors for enabling us to develop this extensions.

EXT:solrfluidgrouping will be further developed as a community project. Commercial support can be purchased from us.