TYPO3 Solr
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File Indexing for TYPO3

This Add-On provides file indexing for TYPO3 and the File Abstraction Layer.

Latest Versions

Apache Solr EB for TYPO3 10 ELTS (Extended) provides access to all new features, security updates and bug fixes for TYPO3 10 ELTS Version. It applies extended support phase of TYPO3 10 ELTS starting on 01.05.2023 and ending on 30.04.2024. There are no restrictions on the number of TYPO3 installations or domains used.

As of 2nd November 2022 the following setup is known to work for file indexing: 

TYPO3 CMS 10.4.22+  
EXT:solr 11.2.1  
EXT:solrfal 10.0.0 (download available below after log in)  
EXT:tika 10.0.2  

Please provide feedback if you run into any issues.

Important information on releases of EXT:solrfal

Please be aware of the following:

  • Please make sure that system extension EXT:filemetadata is activated
  • Take care of installing EXT:tika for the extracting services.
    If you need information how to configure Tika please refer to the extension manual.

Support can be obtained thru: solr-eb-support@dkd.de