TYPO3 Solr
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Solr Console for TYPO3 CMS

The intension of "solrconsole" is to provide a powerful tool around EXT:solr and EXT:solrfal that allows you to do common maintenance tasks from the command line.

In combination with automated deployments you can then e.g. do common tasks after a deployment or with regular running scripts.

To download EXT:solrconsole, you need to participate in our funding contribution program. Please visit our online store for current information about our EB offers.

Latest Versions

As of 20th September 2022 the following setup is known to work:

TYPO3 CMS 11.5.14+  
EXT:solr 11.5.0  
EXT:solrconsole 11.0.0 (download available below after log in)  

Please provide feedback if you run into any issues.