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Solr Debugtools for TYPO3 CMS

Apache Solr offers the possibility to get a detailed explain output, which explains how the score was calculated for a certain document. In the end this helps to understand why which document is on the first position of the results page.

As this explain output is very technical, detailed and hard to understand. We created a library to calculate the impact of each field, inspired by explain.solr.pl. This data can be visualized e.g. in a chart to make it easier to understand that information.

To download EXT:debugconsole, you need to participate in our funding contribution program. Please visit our online store for current information about our EB offers.

Latest Versions

TYPO3 12 LTS is the next major version of TYPO3 and we are currently working on the compatibility of our Apache Solr for TYPO3 extensions. We'll provide alpha and beta versions as soon as possible.

Our funding contribution "Apache Solr EB für TYPO3 12 LTS (Feature)" guarantees you early access to the development versions and to all regular versions released during the feature phase.