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Frontend User Group Access Restrictions

By integrating Solr with TYPO3 as tightly as Indexed Search we can provide support for frontend user group access restrictions. While indexing pages frontend group restrictions of content elements used on that page are detected and for each group one Solr document is being indexed.

When querying Solr through the search form the access rights of the visitor are set as filters on the query and thus the result contains only those documents which the visitor is allowed to see.

All user group settings are supported. That means even settings like “Hide at login” and ”Show at any login” are supported. The frontend indexer supports content element level access restrictions which are calculated during page rendering.

Like with Indexed Search multiple versions, depending on the visitor's access rights, are indexed for each page. For Solr however, this is not an impact as it is for Indexed Search. Decreases in performance do not happen.

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Status of Implementation
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