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Banking Faceted Search 03.09.2021

African Development Bank

The African Development Bank is a most important development organization in Africa, helped to finance development initiatives across the continent. The African Development Bank website contains a wealth of information which needs to easily…

Education Faceted Search 03.09.2021

Amsterdam School of Arts

The Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) uses Solr to help both external visitors and internal users (students and staff) find their way on the website. The AHK consists of six schools or academies; Solr enables visitors to search the websites of all…

Engineering Faceted Search 03.09.2021

Big Dutchman International GmbH

The following Apache Solr Features are the solid base for the new search on the website of Big Dutchman: Faceting, Autosuggest, Did-you-mean and Stop-words. Additionally this requirements have been solved: - Images and PDF can be downloaded…

Industry Faceted Search 03.09.2021

HORSCH Holding GmbH

Horsch Maschinen GmbH is a german manufacturer who is specialized on agricultural equipment for farming. On this website you can see the use of features like Faceted Search, Content Indexing and Spell Checker. Furthermore Autosuggest is integrated,…

IT Faceted Search 03.09.2021

Konica Minolta Business Solution Europe GmbH

Visitors of the Konica Minolta Website using search are supported in many ways: Autosuggest, Did-you mean and the built-in stop-words help during the search query. Hierarchical Facets with main and sub-categories (displaying the amount of results)…


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